An Open Letter to Richmond Voters

Some people are not sure if someone who wears a turban could get elected to office in Richmond.

I’m a Sikh – and the turban is a sacred part of my faith.

But having lived and raised a family in Richmond for over a quarter century, I know my turban isn’t the issue.  The issue is what I will do to make our community safer a place where we can live and raise a family without fear.

We have to solve Richmond’s crime problem. 

I’ve been on the Richmond City Council for nearly two years.  In that time, cracking down on crime has been my focus.  It’s my focus that has earned me the support of the Richmond Police Officers Association.  Until we get control back of Richmond’s streets and make our neighborhoods safe, our schools will suffer and our local economy will suffer.

So, whether you wear a turban, dreadlocks, a hard hat, a fireman’s helmet or a yarmulke, if you want a Councilman whose top priority is safe streets and neighborhoods in Richmond, we have a lot in common.


Harpreet Sandhu


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  1. It’s nice to see diversity taking place with the politics that we address.

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