Literature 101

Click on the links throughout this page to view Harpreet’s campaign mail. Documents are in PDF format.
Harpreet's First brochure


Running in the 2008 Richmond City Council race has meant knocking on thousands of doors and walking all over the city.  Read what Councilman Sandhu takes away from this experience, and what he will do to make Richmond a better place to live.

Click here to read Harpreet’s latest piece: Richmond’s Faces and Places:  faces-and-places-pdf

The Faces and Places of Richmond

The Faces and Places of Richmond

Obama and Sandhu.  Councilman Sandhu served as West County’s Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August.  Click the link below to view Obama + Sandhu.

Obama + Sandhu.pdf

You’re known by the company you keep.  Check out Harpreet’s endorsements from this newspaper ad seen in the Richmond Globe. Click on the picture for a larger version.


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