Councilman Harpreet Sandhu is endorsed by

Sam Farr, United States Congressman

Ellen Tauscher, United States Congresswoman

George Miller, United States Congressman

Jackie Speier, United States Congresswoman

Hilda Solis, United States Congresswoman

Jerry Brown, State Attorney General, former Governor and former Oakland Mayor

Tom Torlakson, State of California Senator

Loni Hancock, State of California Assembly Member

Mark De Saulnier, State of California Assembly Member

John Gioia, Contra Costa County Supervisor

Warren E. Rupf , Contra Costa County Sheriff

Karen Pfeifer, West Contra Costa County Unified School District Board Member

Nate Bates, City of Richmond Council Member

Myrna Lopez, City of Richmond Council Member

John Marquez, City of Richmond Council Member

Maria Viramontes, City of Richmond Council Member

Lesa McIntosh, EBMUD Board Member

Genoveva  Calloway, City of San Pablo Council Member

Leonard McNeil, City San Pablo Council Member

Robert Campbell, former State of California Assemblyman

George Livinston, former Mayor of Richmond

Irma Anderson, former Mayor of Richmond

Jim McMillan, former Richmond City Council Member

Maria Alegria, former Pinole City Council Member

Tim Farley, former City of Martinez Councilman

David MacDiarmid, former President of the Contra Costa Community College District and former Councilman

Chuck Carpenter, President of the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee

John T. Knox, former State Assembly Speaker pro tempore

Diddo Clark, Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee

Michael Barnett, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee and Lamorinda Democratic Club

Dr. Norman Hui, Commissioner, California State Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander American Affairs


Richmond Police Officers Association


Richmond Firefighters Association

Council of Industries


Contra Costa Democratic Party

Contra Costa County Building and Trades Council

Contra Costa County Central Labor Council

West Contra Costa Board of Realtors


Jean Knox

Jerrold L. Hatchett

Otheree Christian

Michelle Jackson

Robert Creer

Genoveva Calloway

Dorothy Brown

Frank & Vickie Butera

Salvador Jaimes Cabelios

Fred Jackson

Hilda James

Michael Ali

Anthony Allen

Bobby Arnold

Lisa Ausmus

Adeline Campbell

Princess Crockett

Greg Dasse

Robert Davila

Marty Dominic

Joe Fisher

Ellen Gailing

Josh Genser

Samuel Goldfarb

Marco Gonzales

Betty Harris

Adrienne Harris-Pitts

Saundra Henry

Shirley Jones

Mignon Kinney

Albert Lee

Kelvin Lett

Albert Lico

Carol MacDiarmid

Jeanette Mahoney

Romin Marty

Nadine Maturano

Laura Maxey

Susan McClosky

Christine McGinnis

Charlotte McIntire

Wilma Miller

Maya Missakian

Judy Morgan

Jesus Ochoa

Hipolito Perez

Hellena Posstrk

Nagaraja Rao

Vandalia Raturtsen

Linda Roberts

Parmyit Singh

Bonnie Sublet

Lillie Thomas

Marsha Tomasi

Dr. John Tysell

Cecilla Valdez

Nico Veran

Armando Viramontes

Marshall Walker

Naomi Williams

Janice Williamson-Sutcliffe

Dexter Young

Eric Zell

John Ziesenhenne

Jaspal Sandhu


5 responses to “Endorsements

  1. Lorna Sandoval

    This message is for Mr. Sandhu himself, as I tried to find contact numbers on the site but I could not.

    I am just a voter who has spoken to you just the other day. We spoke briefly about yourself and I did follow up and went to your website. I am totally in favor of voting for your, and I applaud your passion and your strength to make a difference. Being a victim of crime, it helps to have conversations with people like you in the process of my healing.
    I am writing to you to let you know that I did let you put a sign on our lawn, but it has been removed by someone other than my family. I donot know who removed it, and would like to request that you do place another one there.
    Thank you so much, and good luck!

  2. Manjit Singh

    I have known Harpreet Singh Sandhu for several years and have been impressed with his dedication, honesty, integrity and commitment to public service.

    He is a great resource to the community and will serve the Richmond city residents well.

    Manjit Singh

  3. Nic

    I’ve never met Councilman Sandhu in person, but I support him.

    As a new resident of Richmond I watched one of the City Council meetings on tv the other night.

    The bickering among the City Council was really sad, but Councilman Sandhu’s calmness and genuine concern for residents’ concerns was one of the few highlights.

    Keep it up Councilman Sandhu. You are appreciated.

  4. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  5. The article is very good. Write please more

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