Contra Costa County Sheriff, Warren Rupf endorses Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu.

“I am endorsing Councilman Sandhu, because of his holistic approach to crime and crime prevention.  Not only does he support diversion and prevention programs, community policing and other social programs that help prevent crime, he steadfastly supports the uniformed police officer on the street who have the most difficult task of keeping our cities safe.”

Pam Aguilar, Executive Director of the Contra Costa County Central Labor Council, said her organization endorsed Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu,

“because of the quiet intelligence he brings to the table and even more importantly, his ability to work with everyone on issues that affect the lives of working families in Contra Costa County.”

Congressman Sam Farr said,

“Local government needs more local elected officials like Councilman Sandhu, who can make the hard decisions and still take care of the needs of local citizens.”

According to Greg Feere, Chief Executive Officer of the Contra Costa County Building & Construction Trades Council,

“the endorsement of Richmond Councilman Harpreet Sandhu was not by accident or by default.  It was because of his over twenty-five years of supporting working men and women in our county and all of those social justice issue that affect them and their families, not only in the workplace but in the community at large.”

Because Councilman Sandhu is so well know and respected, when asked for her endorsement Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s reply was,

“Of course.”

State Senator Tom Torlakson of District 7 applauds Sandhu’s approach to serving on the council,

“Councilman Sandhu has provided a calm intelligent approach to Richmond politics, going into the community to talk with constituents and then bringing their issues to the council.  I think Harpreet is highly qualified for this position and brings what is needed to move the City of Richmond forward.”

Assemblyman Mark De Saulnier of District 11 endorses Harpreet, admiring his legacy of involvement in the Richmond community

“I have always admired citizens who get involved and stay involved in their communities,  I don’t think I have known anyone who has been more involved and for over such a long period of time as Richmond City Councilman Sandhu, the citizens of Richmond are quite fortunate to have him, that is why I am endorsing him to be returned to the Richmond City Council.”

Former Mayor Irma Anderson said she was proud to endorse Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu to be returned to the Richmond City Council.

“I can recall when he came before the Richmond Council in February 2002 while I was Mayor and presented a check to the city of Richmond for $5,000 from his community to send to the victims of that terrible 9-11 tragedy that hit New Yorkers. Councilman Sandhu has helped many others over the years as well.  His kindness, calm and intellect will serve Richmond well.”

Former Mayor George Livingston, commented that he never had the good fortune to serve with Councilman Sandhu, but as long as he can remember, Ccouncilman Sandhu has always been involved with issues that impact the city and the West Contra Costa County School District. His involvement has certainly made a difference.

“I am glad to endorse him; the City of Richmond will need his calmness as they struggle to get through these difficult financial times.”

Dr. Jim Bates, Executive Director for Richmond Council of Industries:

“We are glad to be joining with several other organization in supporting Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu. In the short time that we have known him we have found him to be open and willing to sit down and listen to views that might be different than his own and that is all we can expect from any elected official. There are too many important issues facing the City of Richmond and we need good and competent elected officials to help see us through these difficult times.”

Former Assemblyman Bob Campbell, who represented West County for sixteen years in the California State Legislature, said he was honored to support, endorse and work on behalf of Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu.

“I have known Councilman Sandhu since he first involved himself in local politics in 1984.  In fact, I appointed him to be one of my five appointees to the 11th Assembly District representatives to the Democratic State Party in 1986.

I don’t believe I have met a more generous, caring and intelligent person in my life than Councilman Sandhu. I think of the time in January 2002, long before he harbored any idea of becoming an elected person, when he, on behalf of his Sikh Community, presented a check for $5,000 to the Mayor and Richmond City Council to be sent to the victims of the 9-11 disaster that took place in 2001.

Or in July of 2003, when he, again on behalf of the Sikh Community, presented a check for $2,500 to help the city augment the reward for any information that dealt with the recent death of a Richmond taxi driver.

And on a more personal note, when in 2005 Councilman Sandhu, upon hearing that there was an older disabled person who was going to be evicted from the boat he had been living on for more than ten years, presented the gentleman a check for $700 to help in his move to a senior citizens center. I might add that he did this without being asked. I believe that actions like these will tell you more about a person than any other method of evaluation one can use.”

Long time Richmond resident and highly regarded former Richmond City Councilman, Jim McMilan, today endorses Richmond City Councilman Sandhu.

“I have had the opportunity to work with a lot elected officials: local, regional, state and federal and the one thing all of the good ones had in common was the ability to work well  with others to solve their common problems. While I have only worked with Councilman Sandhu peripherally, the one thing that stood out was that he too had this quality. Councilman Sandhu respects the opinions of others and they in turn respect his.”






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